Monday, June 17, 2013

A Clever Way to Hang a Small Quilt

When I purchased a table topper kit in February I just made the assumption that I would put the finished piece on my table but it ended up being too big to be functional.  For the last few months it's been draped over the back of our loveseat  in our play room since it matches the red curtains in that room perfectly. That's why I decided I'd like to hang it on the wall, but how? 3M Command Strips to the rescue! Here's what I did:

I took two 4-inch squares, folded them into triangles and hand stitched them on the back side of the quilt in the top two corners.  

I then measured the back of my quilt from the inside edge of the bindings. For this quilt it was 31.5 inches. I went to my local Home Depot and in their crown moulding section they have 1/4" x 1-3/8" pine lattice for 67 cents a foot that you can cut yourself. You could just buy a yard stick and cut it down, but this was probably cheaper. For smaller wall hanging quilts you could even use a paint stick. Once you have your stick cut to the correct measurement, it should just slide right into the little pockets you added. Lastly, you stick on the 3M Command Strips. I used 2, about an inch in from each of the pockets. 

Peel off the strips and stick it up on the wall where you like and voila! A super easy, clever way to hang a smaller quilt. If you know you plan on hanging a small quilt you can baste on the triangle pockets before you sew on your binding.

Here's the finished look.


Jill @ I Rather Quilt said...

Awesome idea! Your pretty quilt hangs neat and tidy.

liz said...

Just found you via Crazy Mom Quilts.
This is genius! TFS!

Diana @ Red Delicious Life said...

So glad you like the idea Liz! Thanks for visiting.


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